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Gorilla Graffix Group

Gerrit’s loan is to start a graphic design and printing shop.

Gerrit has almost 20 years of experience as a printer and graphic artist, including owning and operating his own graphic design business for a short period about ten years ago.  Due to circumstances beyond his control, the business had to close, and a head injury has seriously limited Gerrit's opportunities to work for an employer.

Not comfortable subsisting on disability income, Gerrit wants to follow his passion, use his knowledge and start a graphic design and printing business (original designs on t-shirts, posters, promotional items, large vinyl stickers, automobile graphics, etc).. He has already purchased used commercial printing equipment, has arranged a work space, and now is poised to launch his business! He has found a niche market in providing strong customer support and design assistance for small print runs (typically less than 25 units).

A few minutes of talking to Gerrit and it is clear that he has a strong motivation as well as strong technical skills. He has set everything up to start the business, and indeed has already started doing some small jobs.  His approved loan request of $3775 is for launching his website, performing additional marketing, and purchasing some additional equipment, stock and supplies.

Gerrit has already built a support network of suppliers and specialist printers who are just waiting for him to launch his business.  He also has the support of a friend who will assist with bookkeeping, and he has provided several strong references from customers. Go Gerrit!

He is also available for any printing you need. Feel free to contact him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

an Star: 2.5

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