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Sheena and Phillip

Forest Spirit Creations

Sheena and Phillip’s loan is to complete the conversion of their travel trailer to a mobile store, and the purchase of a truck to tow it.

Sheena creates and sells nature-inspired art, jewelry and plant medicines, such as salves and tinctures. Sheena has been operating Forest Spirit Creations for three years, and Phillip (her fiancé) became involved in the business one year ago. In her second year she broke even and made a small profit in the third year. The majority of income is from markets and festivals, and they also sell online.

They purchased the vintage trailer to create a mobile store. Once fitted out this will significantly reduce laborious and time-consuming setup and teardown of the pop-up shop, while still allowing them to sell at markets and festivals. They will also be able to sell products from other artists and earn commissions on those sales. So far they have gutted the interior, replaced the rotted framework, installed/built furniture pieces and resealed all the seams. Interior finishing and exterior paint will complete the project. Finally, they want to buy: a truck to tow the mobile store, a tiny wood stove to heat it, and a solar panel to light it.

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