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Alchemy of Ayurveda

Rachel received a loan to start her business...

Rachel came to us through Cool Aid’s REES (Resources, Education, Employment and Support) Program. She is currently living at Harrison Place, a long term (3 year) Women’s Transition House Society property for women who have left violent relationships. Fearing for her safety, she left everything when she left her partner and was also left with $16,000 debt. She is currently rebuilding her life. She has 16 years experience in Ayruvedic Massage therapy and other related treatments. She is requesting a $5000 loan in order to get her massage business back up and running.

Rachel plans to develop private clientele and treat them at their homes with a mobile massage business, a service very much in demand.  She will be offering therapeutic massage services, full service esthetics, Ayurvedic health, weight and detox programs customized to clients’ needs. She has already started speaking with various yoga studios in town where she might be able to use space to conduct workshops to market her business. She has also been contacted to offer in house services by hospices, residential homes, and private homes, where some clients are immobilized.

What impressed us about Rachel is that she’s already working on her business though she has few monetary resources to do so and we were handed a completed application package, including letters of reference and other certificates upon meeting her. A chiropractor who has been treated by Rachel described her as “strong,” “focussed”, “flexible”, and “adaptable”. She also said, “I know by her desire alone that she will absolutely succeed.”  Her credit problems are mostly rooted in her having to leave a violent relationship.  Rachel has expressed a real commitment and desire to repay her debt and restore her credit.

She’s a self starter, and is determined to go back to the kind of life she was living before trauma set in.

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    5 years
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