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(Ag)+(Au) Clothing

Kaitlin was the first graduate of the Launch! Youth program to receive a CML loan. In 2013, ...

Kaitlin was the first graduate of the Launch! Youth program to receive a CML loan. In 2013, Kaitlin received a $2,600 loan to help fully establish and grow her business, Wildfang Jewelry, making and selling handmade jewelry and scarves. In March of 2015 Kaitlin fully repaid her loan, having successfully established Wildfang Jewelry.

With an education in fashion design, Kaitlin has always planned to branch into designing and producing clothing. Over the last 2 years Kaitlin has worked on creating a clothing collection, (Ag)+(Au) Clothing, that targets successful and modern businesswomen. Kaitlin is currently working on launching a mini-collection for the Spring/Summer 2016 that she is hoping to sell online and in 2 or 3 clothing boutiques in Vancouver.

She officially launched in September 2015, when she sold her collection for the Fall/Winter 2016 season. Kaitlin would like to continue designing and manufacturing (on the Island) throughout the year and is applying for an expansion loan that would allow her to continue producing inventory. Kaitlin is applying for a $10,000 loan to pay for the fabrics, manufacturing and marketing of her next collection.

Kaitlin's credit file indicates that she limited credit, but has managed her credit well. She had a perfect payment record with her first CML loan.

We have always been impressed by Kaitlin's clarity of vision and her determination to succeed. Kaitlin is also a hard worker – she has maintained almost full-time jobs while growing Wildfang Jewelry and working to establish (Ag)+(Au) Clothing.


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